KTS Meeting in Budapest just ended. A demonstrator box for the serious game should be available by September. Find out more here!

23rd International Congress of the E.A.E.S. starting June 2-6th in Bucharest. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

Remember! Medis Golf Cup will take place on the 17th of October, in Breaza, Prahova.




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Medis Foundation's Projects

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Medis Foundation has been a part of several EU Research Projects, covering workpackages that required Surgical expertise, Co-creation Workshops, Dissemination.


Listed below you will find details related to the most important EU Projects where Medis Foundation was part of the Consortium:



FUSIMO (completed)

"FUSIMO aimed to develop a model for focused ultrasound surgery in moving organs, such as the liver. With support in planning of the intervention, monitoring of the treatment progress, as well as by assessing the therapy outcome, focused ultrasound can become a safe and successful non-invasive procedure for tissue ablation in moving abdominal organs."


DIETS2 (completed)

"The DIETS2 Network aims to promote excellence in the education of dieticians across Europe at undergraduate and post qualifying level. The network aspires to make a difference to dietician preparedness to meet challenges of improving nutritional health in Europe through education."

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KTS: Kheiron Training System

"The main objective of KTS project is to design, to develop and to validate a serious game and the supporting material in order to provide medical students and (novel) surgeons with an innovative ICT-based approach for training basic key psychomotor skills in minimally invasive surgery (MIS)."



"The main objective of the project is to define the professional profile of surgical trainers by designing and testing the most suitable curricula. 
Another objective is broadening the scope of application of this professional profile to a European level through the development of an open multilingual online learning platform for consultants."



Through its goals, EASIER will reach the whole EU surgical community to set the basis for a strategy on a common TEL-based programme offering structured learning and assessment. This will help standardize training across the continent, favouring mobility of professionals as well as theexchange and co-creation of knowledge in the field.