KTS Meeting in Budapest just ended. A demonstrator box for the serious game should be available by September. Find out more here!

23rd International Congress of the E.A.E.S. starting June 2-6th in Bucharest. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

Remember! Medis Golf Cup will take place on the 17th of October, in Breaza, Prahova.




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Medis Foundation

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The foundation was established in 1998 as a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, primarily oriented towards Continuous Medical Education activity, being accredited as CME provider by the Romanian National College of Physicians.


Today, Medis Foundation's activity covers three main areas of expertise:

  • Congress Agent

  • CME Provider

  • Research Facility


During its 17 years of activity, Medis Foundation has organized close to 100 congresses, medical symposia, workshops and hands-on trainings, on both national and international level. We take great pride in each event we have organized, from Câmpina's Hospital tours for medical students to the 21st International Conference of “Society for Medical Innovation and Technology”, held on 7-9th October 2009 in Sinaia, which gathered numerous important figures of the medical world from over 21 countries and with an estimated attendance of 250 participants. Other international events where Medis Foundation played a key role took our team to cities such as Tel Aviv, Baden Baden, Barcelona and so forth.


We believe our approachas a Congress Agents to organizing medical events is unique due to Medis Foundations's close relation with the Medis Diagnosis and Treatment Center. Indeed, having imediate access to a vast network of doctors covering over 24 medical specialties has given us over time not only the counseling and feedback needed to promote doctor-centered events, but also the luxury of always counting on the prized speakers working on the Medis Team.


Medis Foundation constant growth has allowed us throughout the years to partake in numerous activities aimed at providing CME (Continous Medical Education) on a local scale (our main area of focus remains Prahova County) but also national and international. Such activities aim to impove access to modern technologies for all practitioners, to establish connections between local hospitals and clinics and international counterparts, to offer financial aid to doctors and nurses in order to gain acces to training courses, but also run medical education programs targeting the general population.


Our youngest branch, the Medis Foundation Research Facility, gained a great amount of experience after 2007 by taking part in several EU Projects. Results from the medical studies performed here have been presented within international congresses such as EuroAmerican Summit for Minimally Invasive Surgery, editions of 2005, 2007, 2009; EUROSON Congress, EAES Congresses and SMIT Conferences.


If you would like to learn more about the projects we have been part of, click here!